Month: March 2017


Last night the weather in Canberra was hot however I was lucky enough to be one of the selected few to attend the VIP official launch of the Lonsdale Street Traders (LST) here in Braddon. Lonsdale Street Traders is a warehouse filled with several funky stores like Box Jewellery, Unit, a Bakery, a bike shop, Lifeline, Itrip Iskip and even a hairdresser and florist to name a few.  Even with the heat people packed into the warehouse to check out all the amazing stores and share in lots of food, drinks, a fashion parade, DJ Ashley Feraude playing some funky tunes and even a magician.

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The trader’s were also raising money for the Messengers Program which involved buying a lucky box for $25. There were 30 major prizes and everyone being a winner. I was lucky enough to get a voucher to Pela’s and also a bike service. The money raised will help the kids from the Messengers Program with art materials, musical instruments and workshops. Well done traders it was such a great idea!

I highly recommend if you are in Canberra to check out Lonsdale Street Traders as this pop up store will be around for another 18 months.