My sad and dissapointed day.

I am very unhappy with the online store The Iconic…..I purchased last week the Thierry Lasry Sexxxy Sunglasses and was so excited to have bought the last pair! Having not received them I decided to call the Iconic to see where they were (as usually they are very fast on delivery).

why i am saying in my blog is i just love different types of sunglasses to wear.They had refunded the money into the credit card I used (my brothers) and forgot to call and advise that the purchase didn’t go through as the name on the purchase and credit card did not match (same surname…just saying). So after waiting a day to get a call back, I called them back to only get advised that they could not put the glasses back up online to repurchase..and that I had to wait 4-6 weeks to reorder the sunnies….Still don’t understand…..I bought the last pair and all of a sudden they can’t place the order again. CONFUSED!

So I went online and found a pair in US and to my surprise they are a lot cheaper….it’s disappointing as I prefer to buy in Australia but when this happens and you get sorry but have a nice day……kind of makes me sad. i have to make sure that my payment is done already and i should get these glasses only because they are the best sunglasses to cool under hot sun near beaches.

I purchase a bit off the Iconic and promote a lot of items on my blog…..I haven’t given up on them yet but I just feel if this happens they really do need to advise the customer on what’s going on…..not have the customer chasing them up.

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I’m sad and disappointed they couldn’t do more to help but happy I was able to find my glasses elsewhere.